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A paradise for children and families

Children beware: In Neuschönau the bears have been let loose!

Family Vacation - Bavarian Forest
Family Vacation - Bavarian Forest

Of course there are no wild animals - you will find them in the National Park Animal Enclosure - and watching them is great fun for the entire family.

Not without reason, you will find with us the most beautiful and most exciting corners of the Bavarian Forest National Park : "A Stone Ladder to Heaven" near the Lusen Peak, a giant Animal Enclosure, where the great bears and the wolves howl at night.

The National Park Information Center; a rock face, wonderful hiking trails, great Barbeque spots and a cool lake where you can swim and float with an inflatable boat.
At wintertimes snowball fights, snow shoe walking, skiing and a tobogganing are wonderful activities you can do at the Bavarian Forest

Family Vacation-Bavarian Forest
Family Vacation-Bavarian Forest

Happy children are the local point, especially at the Children Afternoon (always on Holiday), at the Childrens Days and Children Guidance in the National Park (year-round), and at the Big Bear - festival at the Lake (02.08.2015)

The Lousnacht, the Night of the Forest Ghosts. (05.01.2015) is always a scary experience

No matter if Hotels, Pensions, Vaction Apartments or Farms - everywhere where the Children Land-Bear is, we guarantee that the children and parents will have a huge amount of fun and adventure.

Check this out!
Each child will receive a holiday surprise at the Tourist Information in Neuschönau!!

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