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Path above the trees

The sensation of the Bavarian Forest is in Neuschönau

One of the most exciting attractions of the whole Bavarian Forest you can find in Neuschönau.
In Neuschönau there is the largest path above the trees in the WHOLE WORLD!

The path is 1,3 km long, and leads you through the tree tops of the Bavarian Forest National Park.
The path starts with the height of 8m, and ascends up to 25m. Along the path the visitors will find several information boards and adventure stations.

The real highlight of the path is the tree tower with a total height of 44m. Within the tree tower you will find three trees, so you can experience the whole life of tree, from the root to the top!
From the top of the tower you have an absolut fantastic panoramic view over the beautiful landscape of the Bavarian Forest, over the moutains and the wounderful dales.

Another attribute which makes the whole path unique in the whole world is that because of an elevator in the beginning and the little acclivity (Maximum 6%) the whole path is accessible for handicapped people and families with buggies.

The path above the trees is opened the whole year, so you can enjoy our winterwonderland on the top of the tree tower.

For more information please visit the website:

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