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Neuschönau - right in the National Park

Hiking and Experiencing in Nature almost untouched by human hands.

In October 1970 Bavarian Forest National Park was created as the first National Park in all of Germany
The original area of approximately 13,000 Hectares was expanded in 1997 by 11,000 Hectares to the Bavarian Eisenstein, so that now the area stands as the largest National Park in Germany!

It is unique in Central Europe. Nowhere else may forests of such a large area emerge, grow, pass away and grow again - untouched by humans hand. This is an impressive example for the power of nature.

The whole area of the Bavarian Forest National Park offers diverse opportunities for the visitors to become a witness of this power of the nature. Hiking on the top of the mountain Lusen or through the animals area - these are just a few examples where you can expierience our National Park.

Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald
Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald

Our village of Neuschönau is located directly in the National Park Bavarian Forest. So our region is ideal for relaxing holidays with the entire family. On the following parts of our website we would like to introduce a lot of our National Park Bavarian Forest.

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