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Hiking in the winter's magic

The magic of a winterwonderland...

Experience the magic of our winterwonderland while you are walking through the beautful winter scenery in and around Neuschönau!

We offer various opportunites in order to walk and hike through our area!

All in all there are over 60km of cleared and perfectly groomed winter hiking trail available.

You will find winter hiking routes of every kind of difficulty. Whether you want to do a relaxing walk, or are more demanding tour on our mountain, the Lusen, there are quite a lot oppurtunites you can choose between!

The National Park community of Neuschönau offers many and varied opportunities for this.

You can make a wonderful walk around Neuschönau where you see the magnificent winter landscape.

You can also hike to the outdoor animal area . Here you can see native and formerly native species such as the Lynx, Wolf. Bear, Wan, and much more (a total of about 40 species) in the major zones of the enclosure, and see how these animals experience the winter time.

A popular tourist destination is the Mnt. Lusen (1373m)
On clear winter days you can see even the alp chain!

In our winter adventure map are all winter hiking trails marked, interesting tips for your Winter Vacation are in it too. You can request the map at the Tourist Information in Neuschönau.

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